Miami Officer Relieved Of Duty After Video Of Him Punching Woman Goes Viral

Cameras are immediately switched on when police encounter citizens in public spaces. Instead of just complaining about police brutality, some people have opted to let camera footage speak for itself as they have been recording incidents worldwide. Many have argued that George Floyd’s death wouldn’t have had such an impact if it wasn’t caught on video, and since that time, hundreds of other police encounters have been shared throughout social media. Some incidents have caused officers to be suspended or even fired, and on Wednesday, an event in Miami stole headlines.

A video that made the rounds online showed a woman and an officer getting into an argument at the Miami International Airport. There was an altercation that escalated, and in the clip, the unmasked woman is seen yelling as the masked officer, close to his face.  “You acting like you white when you really Black…what you want to do?” she says.Then suddenly, he punches her in the face, and within a second, a swarm of officers descended on the woman. The officer involved in the incident reportedly stated that the woman headbutted him,resulting in his reaction. This incident has garnered a number of responses, and they seem to be a mixed bag. Watch the video for yourself below and let us know what you think.

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